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  1. Very passionate about his position. Good information about our elderly.

  2. Very good at keeping attention.

  3. Very useful information.

  4. Very good…broke down what Medicare and Medicaid is. Very interesting about the increase of older people. Very organized! Thank you!

  5. Very good presentation.

  6. In touch with cost associated with long-term care; knowledgeable about the future of baby boomers retiring.

  7. Great presentation about Medicare. Dr. Scrase is a dynamic speaker and presents the valuable information in a fashion in which it can be applied to leadership at our levels.

  8. Good presentation on the effects of the baby boomers vs. the younger pop. What it is doing to the system and possible fixes to ensure elderly and those young today will have Medicare services in the future. Identified the illnesses that Medicare patients face and its effects on the program.

  9. David gave more depth to Medicaid and Medicare options were made available. The data was helpful in looking at senior and elderly healthcare.

  10. Interesting, fun presentation. Very informative. I liked it because he gave practical advice.

  11. Good information – presented well, interesting speaker/man.

  12. Very stimulating presentation. It got the group discussing some difficult topics.

  13. Dr. Scrase’s presentation was very informative to me. He gave a lot of good information for everybody to take home and start looking into our future in taking care of the elderly.

  14. This is a topic relevant to every one of us. Learned to not attribute problems of the elderly to just old age.

  15. Excellent presentation.

  16. Also liked this slide show and presentation.

  17. I enjoyed his graphs and data on the elderly. He was good at soliciting interaction.

  18. Enjoyed the material. Good presentation.  

Lay Audience Presentations: Selected Evaluation Comments